Decoding Miami's T6 Zoning Districts: A Comprehensive Analysis of Building Height, FAR, and Density Regulations

T6 Zoning in Miami: An Overview of Building Height and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Parameters

The highest density zones within the City of Miami are categorized under the T6 zoning districts. These districts typically comprise T6-8, T6-12, T6-24, T6-36, T6-48, T6-60, and T6-80. As these numbers escalate, the maximum allowable number of floors and the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) also increase correspondingly.

Analyzing Disparity in Growth Rates: The Intricate Relationship between Building Height and FAR in T6 Zoning

For instance, the T6-8-O district permits a maximum of eight stories and maintains FAR of 5. In contrast, the T6-60-O district allows up to 60 stories and FAR of 11. The disparity between the rate of increase in permissible stories and FAR is intriguing, with a 7.5-fold augmentation in floor levels contrasted by a 2.2-fold increment in FAR.

Architectural Adaptations to Zoning Rules: Exploring Floor Plate Restrictions in High-Rise Buildings in Miami

This discrepancy could be attributed to the fact that buildings often become narrower as they grow taller. A 15,000 SF maximum floor plate is limited beyond the 8th floor for residential use. Similarly, office spaces are subject to a 30,000 SF floor plate restriction.

Navigating Density Ratios in T6 Zones: Why Parcel Size Matters More than Zone Designation for Multi-Unit Developments

One considerable hurdle lies in the uniformity of density ratios across all T6 zones. Irrespective of height or FAR, all T6 zones in the base zoning rules abide by the same unit density regulation of 150 units per acre. This implies that if you intend to construct 100 units, the size of the parcel matters, not the specific T6 zone you're operating within.

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