Employment and Crime Reduction: A Closer Look at Top Five Cities in New York State

The correlation between employment growth and crime reduction has long been a subject of interest for policymakers and urban planners. A study of the top five cities in New York, including NYC, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle, has provided compelling evidence to support this connection. These cities rank in the top 5 for employment percentage growth between 2010 and 2021 and figure prominently in the top 25 for crime reduction during the same period. Let's delve into this correlation and what it reveals about these cities.

1. New York City: The Giant that Continues to Evolve

Ranking: 38th overall, 1st in population, and 4th in employment growth

Crime Reduction: Ranked 24th

Synopsis: NYC, a hub of commerce and culture, continues to thrive. Its employment growth likely contributes to decreased crime rates, reinforcing its position as a desirable place to live and work.

2. Yonkers: Surging Employment and Safety

Ranking: 76th overall, 3rd in population, and 1st in employment growth

Crime Reduction: Ranked 17th

Synopsis: Yonkers's remarkable growth in employment corresponds with significant crime reduction. This correlation emphasizes Yonkers's potential as an up-and-coming city for residents and businesses.

3. Mount Vernon: Robust Employment and Safety Records

Ranking: 19th overall, 16th in population, and 3rd in employment growth

Crime Reduction: Ranked 3rd

Synopsis: Mount Vernon stands out with strong employment growth and an impressive rank in crime reduction. This strong correlation underscores its appeal as a growing city.

4. New Rochelle: A Comprehensive Growth Story

Ranking: 2nd overall, 14th in population, and 5th in employment growth

Crime Reduction: Ranked 19th

Synopsis: New Rochelle's balanced performance in employment growth and crime reduction paints a picture of a city on the rise with a healthy social fabric.

5. White Plains: What is going on?

Ranking: 78th overall, 28th in population, and 810th in employment growth

Crime Reduction: Ranked 968th

Synopsis: Although White Plains shows mixed rankings, it offers lessons in balanced growth. Its place in the top five cities warrants attention to the nuanced relationship between employment and crime.

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