Leveraging Zoning Scanner: Unveiling Development Potential in Miami's Central Business District

Ninety-Six Hidden Gems: Specific Criteria Define Our Targets in the Central Business District

Our Zoning Scanner has surfaced 96 properties within the Central Business District that align with specific criteria:

  • Properties are within the Central Business District.
  • Existing building structures occupy less than 5,000 square feet.
  • Zoning permits between 100 and 600 residential units per property.

Mapping Potential: Translating Properties into Residential Units and Demographic Growth

These identified properties collectively present an opportunity to develop approximately 19,000 new residential units. An average of 2.5 persons per household equates to accommodation for nearly 47,000 people. Maximizing the development potential of the Central Business District could increase Miami's population by a significant 10%.

Inside the Zoning Scanner: Digitizing Zoning Values and Logic for Advanced Search Capabilities

If you're curious about the mechanics of our Zoning Scanner, it is rooted in digitization. We've digitized not only the zoning values but also the zoning logic. This digital transformation of zoning rules allows us to embed these regulations into each property, facilitating instantaneous and accurate searches.

Among the properties allowing 100-200 units, there appears to be a wealth of assembly opportunities. We'll delve deeper into this potential in the next installment of our study.

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Deepblocks is state-of-the-art data-driven software that utilizes artificial intelligence to identify the best investment opportunities. Deepblocks digitizes zoning data with precision and provides a comprehensive understanding of city-wide development capacity down to the parcel level. Our GIS-like interface seamlessly integrates demographics, economics, construction activity, crime, ownership, and race to deliver rapid market and site selection capabilities, saving time and effort. Whether you’re a developer, investor, or real estate professional, Deepblocks is the ultimate tool to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the industry.

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Author Olivia Ramos
Founder and CEO of Deepblocks, holds master's degrees in Architecture from Columbia University and Real Estate Development from the University of Miami. Her achievements before Deepblocks include designing Big Data navigation software for the Department of Defense's DARPA Innovation House and graduating from Singularity University's Global Solutions and Accelerator programs.