1. Select a property, or an assembly of parcels.

  2. Choose what property uses you'd like to analyze (condo, multifamily, hotel, office, retail, industrial, or any mix).

  3. From the first dropdown menus, choose what density you'd like the software to start with. This will vary depending on the size of the lot.

    • Low density starts with 3-5 stories.

    • Mid density starts with 6-12 stories.

    • High-density starts with 13-50 stories.

  4. From a second dropdown menu, choose the market, this will adjust all the market assumptions you will see in the next section of the software.

  5. Click on Create New Project button and see the first version of the deal. Open the Back of Envelope panel under financials to see how this version is performing.

  6. Then feel free to adjust all the General Assumptions and Use Assumptions and see how this affects your returns.

  7. You can get rid of the parking, you can adjust the setbacks change the shape of the building and where it is on the site.