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The Beta release of our software Deepblocks is finally here, and we are very excited to show you around. The following tutorial series goes through most of the features in our software.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


01. Intro to Deepblocks

Our software digitizes and combines 3D models, financial projections, and all the income and cost assumptions, allowing you to instantly see the full spectrum of any deal.

The accuracy of the software depends on your expertise in the market. It is important to note that the data provided is a national baseline that should be adjusted according to your market.


02. Creating a New Project

In this video, we will go over how to create a new project using Deepblocks.


03. Adjusting Project Settings

In this video, we will take a closer look at selecting uses, density, and market type in Project Settings, under General Assumptions, in the blue sidebar.


04. Navigating the 3D Model (Zoom, Pan & Rotate)

In this video we will go over basic 3D model navigation, including how to zoom, pan, and rotate.


05. Adjusting Project Cost

In this video, we will go over the Project Cost panel. You will also learn how to use sliders to adjust project parameters in Deepblocks, including how to change the default range (min/max) for the sliders.



Using KPIs to Track Zoning

In this video we will go over all the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are located on the top bar, and how to use them to track zoning metrics.



Working with Setbacks

In this video we will discuss how to adjust the placement of your building on the property.



The Back of Envelope Financial Calculation

In this video we will discuss the Back of Envelope panel, and how to track Return on Cost (ROC). The back of the envelope is the first type of analysis we do when looking at a property. It is a quick way to filter through a series of options before going deeper on a deal.



Exporting a PDF Report

In this video we will discuss the Export PDF Report feature, and how adjust the information provided. The biggest requests from our Alpha testers was to have a way to share valuable information. In response, we built a PDF feature which updates in real time.



Case Study: Ground Parking

In this video we will look at the first of three case studies: how to model ground parking.

Our software can currently model one building at a time. Future versions will model multiple buildings in one parcel, which will allow for more sophisticated modeling of parking structures and ground parking.

In the meantime, I will show you a little hack on resolving for ground parking.



Case Study: Combining Parcels

In this video we will look at another case study: how to combine properties into an assembly. Combining parcels was another frequent request from our Alpha testers. It helps you determine if buying multiple adjacent properties is worth the trouble.



Case Study: Analyzing Existing Buildings

In this video will look at the last case study of this series: how to analyze existing buildings with another little hack. As you might have noticed in the dashboard, we will soon have an official tool for analyzing existing buildings.

In the meantime, we’ll show you how to quickly understand if an exiting building has rehab potential.