Developer by Deep Blocks is the intelligent future of Real Estate Development. Our Real Estate Modeling (REM) technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze potential development or redevelopment opportunities, taking into account project parameters like market data, building constraints, construction costs, program uses, etc. and generates financial analysis in real-time.


Smarter, faster, cheaper.

Developer by Deep Blocks delivers an intuitive and simple interface that allows you to model dozens of development options in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

Developer Alpha is our first draft, better known as Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. This Alpha phase is a time period in which we integrate features and collect market feedback in real-time, adjusting and refining the upcoming Beta release.

The product in its Alpha phase does not include local data; rather, it allows each user to test their assumptions of the market. Over time, the software begins to learn about those markets using crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence, promising a future where Developer will have up-to-date accurate data for any market in the world.


Alpha Features

The Alpha release has started and we are excited to roll out a series of practical features for the purpose of testing the market and refining Developer Alpha. We have included tutorials and feedback portals to optimize your experience as well as our product.


Artificial Intelligence

Although in its infancy, the AI feature behind Developer Alpha will begin to learn market and building constraints projected in every geographical region the software is used. In time, the system will be exponentially refined, and will learn to provide property-specific feedback.


Market Constraints

For all cities featured, Developer Alpha will provide reasonable ranges for all market assumptions including rent, sale, and lease income, as well as expenses, vacancies, and construction cost data. For selected cities, zip-code level data and property-level data will be available.


Financial Analysis

The financial analysis features are interconnected with all assumptions in order to provide instant feedback on the potential cost, expenses, and returns of any project. Developer Alpha currently includes a Back of Envelope calculation for simple analysis. Soon, more robust features such as ten year Pro Formas, rent rolls, waterfall calculations, construction timelines, project phasing and portfolio analysis will be available for more in-depth modeling.  


Building Constraints

Developer Alpha also integrates a series of building constraints to further fine-tune the development model. These include building setbacks, parking requirements, floor heights, building height, number of units, types of units, and sizes of units - all while tracking parameters such as lot coverage, unit density ratios, and floor area ratios.


Program Uses

All major uses groups are included in Developer Alpha, such as multi-family, condominium, hotel, office, retail, and industrial. The platform also allows you to model any mix of uses. During the Alpha phase, we will be adding features to optimize single family, affordable housing, and resiliency or sustainability programs.


3D Modeling

Developer Alpha generates a 3D model of each project in real time. As you change site parameters and building assumptions, the model updates to provide instant feedback and visualize how the massing sits on the map. During the Alpha phase, we will be adding functionality for modeling assemblies and master-planning, which will allow for modeling large-scale development projects.


Exporting Options

For all models, Developer Alpha will provide a series of exporting options to share the project with potential investors, clients, architects and banks. These options will allow you to customize the outputs and will include exporting to spreadsheets, PDFs and CAD models.


Sharing and Collaboration

Developer Alpha will soon include the ability to send your project to any individual and have them view the deal or collaborate on refining the deal according to their expertise. Imagine the speed of analysis if developer, contractor, and architect were working on the same deal at the same time.


Tutorials & Support

Tutorials and FAQ are continuously updated and refined. We have also embedded a feedback feature to allow you to make suggestions and ask any question that might not be covered. Throughout the Alpha, we will offer additional support such as one-on-one software help as well as development project help for an additional fee.




Developer Alpha is now working in every city in Florida!