Money, tech and food: 10 coolest companies in Inc.’s Female Founders 100 list

These CEOs make protein from air, use blockchain to streamline real estate development and crunch satellite data in real time.


Deepblocks – Olivia Ramos

Olivia Ramos started her career in architecture and real estate development. When she was managing a construction project, she saw the need to simplify the data gathering process for real estate developers evaluating a new project and created Deepblocks, which puts demographic, zoning, financial, and legal data all in one place. 

Deepblocks makes it easy real estate developers to assemble a feasibility study for a construction project.

Deepblocks’ software finds and combines construction costs, income, and other market data for developers, investment brokers, and architects to create a feasibility analysis.  
Ramos founded Deepblocks at Singularity University in Mountain View in 2016 and launched her program in May 2018. Deepblocks has customers in 1,100 US cities, and the company is also testing in the United Kingdom and Panama.


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