Portfolio analysis for scalable data-driven decisions.

Data-driven decision-making with a unique combination of zoning yield, property information, construction activity, market data, demographics, and climate risk assessment.

Comprehensive Analysis

Zoning Potential Deepblocks is the only platform that has successfully digitized zoning logic per property parcel. We provide the development capacity and allowable uses for each property in your portfolio.

Construction Activity Our analysis includes local historical construction activity surrounding each property, allowing you to compare the market's attitudes towards further development.

Market Activity Deepblocks offers growth metrics on employment per population, median rent, and median income, comparing these metrics across all properties to identify trends and opportunities.

Demographics Our service includes a timeline of population growth, population density, and race distribution, helping you identify noticeable shifts in diversity and potential market changes.

Climate Risk Our comprehensive report includes data on each location's proximity to potential natural disasters, such as sea-level rise, fault lines, hurricanes, and tornado zones, ensuring you stay informed on environmental risks.

Maximize your property investments.

Learn more about our all-in-one Portfolio Analysis solution, providing unparalleled insights into development potential, market trends, demographic shifts, and environmental risks for informed decision-making.

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