What is Deepblocks?

Deepblocks is a tech startup with a vision of employing artificial intelligence to solve the enormous complexities surrounding building projects by providing tools that can be used to plan and build the cities of the future.

Our founders drew from extensive backgrounds in artificial intelligence, real estate development, finance, and architecture. Those of us with expertise in the real estate market knew well the pain points of bringing a building project to fruition, and the missed opportunities stemming from the difficulty of communication between all the players involved - from the myriad different experts required to analyze the viability of a single project, to the city officials in charge of planning and charting the long-term path of their city’s growth.

The siloing of information into many disparate specialties makes the process extremely expensive, and contributes to the affordable housing crisis facing many cities today. The analog nature of the real estate process is partly responsible for a lack of innovation in affordability and resilience.

Deepblocks has set out to solve this problem, providing a common tool for all stakeholders to communicate through, using artificial intelligence to provide a fast and accurate picture of any potential project.

What products do you offer?

Our software is called Developer, which is currently in its Alpha stage. Developer Alpha is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze real estate development projects and provide instant feedback in the form of a Back of Envelope calculation. The analysis takes into account factors such as building constraints, market data, construction costs, type of use, etc.

What does Alpha mean?

Alpha is a first draft, better known as Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. During this phase, we will continue to add features while collecting real-time market feedback, adjusting and refining the upcoming Beta release.

What role does Artificial Intelligence play in your software?

Our AI system is in its infancy and still requires more data to truly be ready for its big debut. For this reason, our initial offering is free and available nationally in order to help train the system, which will grow to suggest best real estate practices from one city to another, and tackle complex challenges like affordable housing.

In the meantime, the Deepblocks software is addressing a lot of pain points in the industry. As it trains, our software combines the users’ assumptions for market, finance, and building constraints, enabling them to see real-time results in a virtual 3D model of the building, as well as a series of live financial projections. These include Pro-forma and waterfall calculations, sensitivity analysis, construction schedules, and potential project phasing.

Can you give an example or case study that uses your software?

A good case study is a real estate developer we interviewed who had assessed 50 properties for development potential. He conducted high-level analysis to narrow his options down to ten sites, and then more detailed analysis to narrow those down to three finalists. At the end of the exercise he had spent three months and over $100,000 and was still not entirely sure what the right decision was. With our software, we analyzed all 50 sites in one week’s worth of time, a capability that is available for a relatively small subscription price. It is no coincidence that nearly half of our investors are real estate developers. We are reducing today’s initial development process to a minuscule cost at an unbeatable speed.

What is your refund policy?

Given the nature of digital content, we do not offer a refund or credit on purchases.