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StartUp innovation techniques from Silicon Valley. 

Is investment automation possible in real estate development? Over the past two weeks, I’ve shared findings from an automated, data-driven investment method. The objective is …

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How is data science different from software engineering?

Data science requires a curiosity for the subject matter, intimacy, a timid conversation, and a delicacy in each step. The results are unknown. There is nothing to win by rushing or arriving at a fast conclusion. It is consistent discovery, moving targets, a dance, or at least a hopeful embrace with data.

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What is a Smart City? A Brief Introduction

The future city is a living organism with an artificial mind that provides insights to decision-makers and the community.

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How are you educating your client?

The more sophisticated your clients get, the more you need to stay ahead of the curve. Provide value beyond that which is already available.

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Why Brokers Need Zoning

Property listings have three general options: sell as-is, sell for its rehab potential, or sell for its development potential. Each option has a different type of buyer. The more you focus your sales pitch, the faster you close.

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