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A Vision of Miami’s Future Density Trajectory and the Impressive Growth of Edgewater

Exploring Miami’s future density expansion patterns. We have determined the city’s future density trajectory by analyzing Miami’s existing and potential densities. Our visualizations indicate that …

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Unlocking Development Potential in Major Florida Cities: The Case for Affordable Housing

City Development Capacity (SF) Existing Building Inventory (SF) Development Delta Jacksonville 13,000,000,000 1,000,000,000 13 Tallahassee 7,000,000,000 200,000,000 35 Tampa 6,500,000,000 750,000,000 8.67 Orlando 2,500,000,000 500,000,000 …

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Top five neighborhoods for real estate investment in Fort Worth, Texas.

We’ve compared all census tracts across Fort Worth based on demographics, construction, zoning, and economic conditions. Introducing our data-driven formula to identify census tracts with …

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The Market Scanner: Instant Development Potential

Imagine asking a city, “Where can I build 80 multifamily units?” What if you can have a conversation with a city? What would you ask …

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Visualization of future density: the path of an expanding downtown.

Mapping the future of density delivers the direction of a city’s growth. As a real estate developer, I’ve always wondered about the direction in which …

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Two line graphs showing the 50-year construction trends.

Comparing 50-year construction trends between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Dallas and Forth Worth have inverse 50-year construction trends. How should we interpret these trend lines? According to our 50-year construction trend data, Fort Worth …

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Fort Worth's top five tracts for each metric cluster in and around the downtown region or the city's northeast section. 

Real Estate Investment Automation: Narrowing down the best neighborhoods.

We used a data-driven approach to narrow down the best neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas.  Fort Worth, Texas, has 218 census tracts. The data we’ve …

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We have zoning for 16,430,232 sites in the US.

Deepblocks software includes zoning data for 16,430,232 sites in the US. Moreover, these data points are not just digitized, they are all part of powerful site-selection functionality

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Interested in the Chicago Zoning Map?

The Chicago zoning map is currently the most analyzed among all metropolitan cities. We looked into it, and it makes sense; Chicago is amidst a dozen mega development projects.

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Looking for Multifamily Development Opportunities?

Searching by units allowed is most straightforward in cities with zoning ordinances that include a unit-density value. This metric can vary from city to city and even within zoning ordinances.

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