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Financial Outputs: The Back of Envelope

The BOE is a one-year snapshot of a real estate project’s financial performance, often used to filter bad deals from a series of development options. The idea is to produce a simple measure across all properties, such as return on cost (ROC).

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Condo Financials

A condominium is a building, or complex of buildings, in which every apartment or home is individually owned. Financial analysis of a condominium is different from an income producing property because the return on cost (ROC) for a condominium is generated from the total sale of the condos instead of the rent cash flow.

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Multifamily Financials

Multifamily residential is a rental income property that contains multiple separate housing units. A multifamily building generally has one owner, or landlord, that rents units to residential inhabitants, or tenants.

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Hotel Financials

Hotels are lodging businesses that provide accommodation, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists. Hotel owners may own both the building and the business and are responsible for all expenses related to business operations and building improvements.

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Industrial Financials

Industrial real estate projects house facilities that do activities such as production, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, research, light storage, distribution, etc.

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Office Financials

Office development financials are similar to other income properties with the exception that common areas are also part of the leasable space.

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Single Family Financials

Single family refers to dwelling units, either attached or detached, designed to be used by a single household, and with direct access to the street.

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Retail Financials

Retail (or commercial) development can be freestanding or part of a mixed-use project, such as shops and restaurants on the ground floor of a residential or office building.

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