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A sample of Deepblocks software showing the median income map layer ranging from 2013 to 2020 with the focus areas being census tracts in Downtown Fort Worth

Median income from 2013 to 2020 in downtown Fort Worth.

Some of Fort Worth’s downtown tracts’ median income has doubled in seven years. Fort Worth’s downtown tracts 1237.00 and 1038.00 are in the top five …

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Map of Fort Worth, Texas that shows the top 5 census tracts in population density growth.

These neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas, have the highest population density growth.

Fort Worth neighborhoods with the highest population density growth cluster in the northeast quadrant. Four of the top five tracts in Fort Worth with the …

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Fort Worth plans for larger-than-life industrial growth.

Fort Worth’s tracts with the highest development density are all zoned for Industrial development. Zoning data is power. Not only can we identify where cities …

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How to capture the direction of downtown expansion.

The juxtaposition of current and future density delivers direction for real estate growth. We separated the top five tracts with the highest current inventory density …

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Visualization of future density: the path of an expanding downtown.

Mapping the future of density delivers the direction of a city’s growth. As a real estate developer, I’ve always wondered about the direction in which …

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The Densest Neighborhoods in Irving, Texas

Is it possible that the highest density doesn’t always indicate a city’s downtown district? We expected to find downtown Irving within the top five densest …

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Two line graphs showing the 50-year construction trends.

Comparing 50-year construction trends between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Dallas and Forth Worth have inverse 50-year construction trends. How should we interpret these trend lines? According to our 50-year construction trend data, Fort Worth …

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A series of graphs showing the direct relationship between economic data and construction activity in 5 cities in Texas.

Are economic trends and construction activity correlated?

We have discovered a direct correlation between economic trends and construction activity in the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA.  The correlation between construction activity and economic trends …

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Instructional screenshots of Deepblocks software on how to use the export assumptions feature.

Deepblocks launches functionality to export development assumptions.

FEATURE FRIDAY With Deepblocks, you can export a CSV of the back-of-the-envelope development assumptions and integrate it into your pro forma. There is nothing like …

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Graphs showing the relationship of crime and household ownership in Texas.

Ownership and crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

What is the relationship between ownership and crime trend lines in small versus large cities? One of the most interesting correlations from our Deepblocks density …

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