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Hundreds of commercial development sites with buildable areas between 50,000 and 500,000 SF in Fort Worth’s tract 1237.

With the second fastest economic growth, Fort Worth’s tract has plenty of room for new development. Downtown Fort Worth has loads of development capacity. We …

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Screen recording of deepblocks software showing the houses in fort worth built from the 1900s to 2020.

Three hundred sixty-one homes near downtown Fort Worth are nearly 100 years old.

Fort Worth tract 1038.00, near downtown, has 797 homes built between 1900 and 1960s.  There are numerous old houses with tons of character, great structures, …

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Residential opportunities in Fort Worth’s tract 1110.20.

There are 21 residential investment opportunities for rebuilding or renovating this Fort Worth neighborhood. We are testing different formulas for identifying early investment opportunities. In …

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The last vacant assemblages in Fort Worth’s census tract 1139.48.

In Fort Worth’s tract 1139.48, 16 vacant parcels and potential assemblages allow for light industrial, retail, or residential.  Fort Worth’s tract 1139.48 is the third …

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Fort Worth census tract 1139.46 has a median income of $123K and is the second fastest-growing population density.

What is happening in Fort Worth, Texas’s most luxurious and fastest-growing tract? Tract 1139.46 has the second fastest-growing population density in Fort Worth, Texas. Out …

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Map of Fort Worth, Texas that shows the top 5 census tracts in population density growth.

These neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas, have the highest population density growth.

Fort Worth neighborhoods with the highest population density growth cluster in the northeast quadrant. Four of the top five tracts in Fort Worth with the …

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Utopia in Fort Worth’s Downtown Tract 1233.02.

This Fort Worth downtown tract has unlimited zoning capacity and industrial-residential-agricultural mixed-use. We found a utopia in Texas. There is so much potential in downtown …

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The Ecosystem Zoning Typology in tract 1139.31, Fort Worth, Texas.

Industrial zoning and residential development coexist in two of Fort Worth’s top investment tracts.  Fort Worth’s distribution of zoning uses is fascinating. Tract 1139.31 is …

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Development Opportunities in tract 1139.43, Fort Worth, Texas.

What is the potential breakdown of investment and development opportunities in tract 1139.43? Tract 1139.43 in Fort Worth, Texas, is an ecosystem with zoning equally …

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Top five neighborhoods for real estate investment in Fort Worth, Texas.

We’ve compared all census tracts across Fort Worth based on demographics, construction, zoning, and economic conditions. Introducing our data-driven formula to identify census tracts with …

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