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Reviving Dayton’s Julienne High School Site: From Controversy to Urban Development

Community Efforts to Save the Historic Building The former Julienne High School, a historic building in Dayton, Ohio, faced controversy as community members fought to …

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Revitalizing Syracuse: The Land Bank and Blueprint 15 Partnership

The Land Bank’s Role in Community Development. The Land Bank in Syracuse holds around 100 properties in the South Side. These properties were foreclosed on …

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Philadelphia Community Fights for Affordable Housing

Dispute Over Demolition Moratorium Displaces 69 Households in Philadelphia A Philadelphia developer sued the city over a demolition moratorium and zoning changes. The developer’s decision …

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The Complexity of Zoning Data and the Potential of Advanced Technology

Understanding the Importance of Complete and Accurate Zoning Information for Real Estate Development and Property Ownership Digitization and automatic zoning calculation are becoming increasingly popular …

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Exploring the Floor Area Ratios of Major Cities in Florida

City Development Capacity SF City Size SF City FAR Jacksonville 13,000,000,000 24,378,505,087 0.53 Tallahassee 7,000,000,000 2,919,937,684 2.40 Tampa 6,500,000,000 4,901,888,983 1.33 Orlando 2,500,000,000 3,319,716,508 0.75 …

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The Connection between Homeownership and Crime Trends in Major Florida Cities

A Closer Look at the Correlations between Ownership and Crime in Small and Large Cities Our analysis of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area revealed correlations …

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Exploring Major Florida Cities: A Comprehensive Comparison of Population, Inventory, and More.

We uncover the top-ranked Florida cities in the Deepblocks Density Index Report. The Florida cities density report compares five major cities based on seven categories: …

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Hundreds of commercial development sites with buildable areas between 50,000 and 500,000 SF in Fort Worth’s tract 1237.

With the second fastest economic growth, Fort Worth’s tract has plenty of room for new development. Downtown Fort Worth has loads of development capacity. We …

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Screen recording of deepblocks software showing the houses in fort worth built from the 1900s to 2020.

Three hundred sixty-one homes near downtown Fort Worth are nearly 100 years old.

Fort Worth tract 1038.00, near downtown, has 797 homes built between 1900 and 1960s.  There are numerous old houses with tons of character, great structures, …

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A sample of Deepblocks software showing the median income map layer ranging from 2013 to 2020 with the focus areas being census tracts in Downtown Fort Worth

Median income from 2013 to 2020 in downtown Fort Worth.

Some of Fort Worth’s downtown tracts’ median income has doubled in seven years. Fort Worth’s downtown tracts 1237.00 and 1038.00 are in the top five …

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