Visualization of future density: the path of an expanding downtown.

Mapping the future of density delivers the direction of a city’s growth.

As a real estate developer, I’ve always wondered about the direction in which downtowns grow. Instead of skyrocketing quickly, the wrong guess might leave you waiting twenty years to see desired returns. Deepblocks digitizes zoning to see future growth patterns. 

How do you know the direction of a city’s density expansion?

In our Dallas-Fort Worth report, we noticed that Dallas and Fort Worth had completely different growth strategies. Dallas is placing its future density right above its current density. On the other hand, Fort Worth is expanding in three directions, which opens the door to a slew of early investment opportunities. 

What is Fort Worth’s path to growth?

I am a big fan of Fort Worth’s growth strategy, or at least how I interpret it. The current inventory concentrates downtown, but the future comprises three giant industrial hubs serving the surrounding residential neighborhoods. 

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