Unlocking Development Potential in Major Florida Cities: The Case for Affordable Housing

CityDevelopment Capacity (SF)Existing Building Inventory (SF)Development Delta

Analyzing Development Capacity and Growth Potential to Address Housing Issues

Major cities in Florida possess considerable development capacity, signifying that new construction is entirely feasible. Even considering existing building inventory, the development delta indicates that these cities have ample growth potential.

Why is development capacity relevant for affordable housing?

This particularly applies to the construction of affordable housing, an issue that has become critical across the United States. Given the data showcasing the abundance of development capacity, there is no excuse for not building more housing.

What cities in Florida have the most development capacity?

Tallahassee, for instance, has a development capacity over 35 times greater than its existing building inventory, signifying a chance for significant expansion. Other cities, such as Jacksonville (13X) and Tampa (8.67X), display similar possibilities for growth.


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