Top five tracts with the highest economic growth trends in Fort Worth, Texas.

These five tracts in Fort Worth, Texas, have the highest growth trends in median income, median rent, and employment per population. 

We’ve combined the trends for median income, median rent, and employment per population into a single economic index. These five tracts have the highest combined trends across all 218 Fort Worth tracts. The location of these tracts reveals new additional opportunities for investment. 

How do we know that downtown Fort Worth is expanding?

Tracts 1237.00 and 1038.00 are adjacent to downtown’s densest tracts, which might signal expansion. Catching expansions early can result in high capital gains, and we are focusing on identifying these opportunities. Tract 1038.00, for example, still has a median income in the low $30k.

Have we discovered a new area for investment in Fort Worth?

In the past, we’ve identified downtown and the northeast quadrants as potential focus areas for investment. These economic trend results point to a new location. Tract 1140.12, for example, also has the 4th highest total population growth. 

In the next few posts, I will use the Deepblocks software to explore these tracts for investment opportunities. 

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