Top five neighborhoods for real estate investment in Fort Worth, Texas.

We’ve compared all census tracts across Fort Worth based on demographics, construction, zoning, and economic conditions.

Introducing our data-driven formula to identify census tracts with the highest growth trends in any given city. It combines demographic growth, construction activity growth, zoning capacity, and economic growth. We are bullish on the results of these findings and have begun to work with funds to curate the formula to their investment needs. 

How many census tracts are in Fort Worth, Texas?

Fort Worth has 218 census tracts, roughly equivalent to a neighborhood with a population between 2,500 to 8,000 people. Despite our unfamiliarity with Fort Worth, we genuinely believe in its investment potential based on this data-driven formula to narrow down the top areas of interest.

How do you choose a neighborhood for real estate investment?

We are looking for neighborhoods with an increase in population density and the highest trends in economic growth. We also consider existing inventory density, construction activity, and development capacity. Development capacity is the key to identifying investments for development versus acquisition.

This week we’ll use the Deepblocks software to dig into these overall best tracts and see what we find.   

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