These neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas, have the highest population density growth.

Map of Fort Worth, Texas that shows the top 5 census tracts in population density growth.

Fort Worth neighborhoods with the highest population density growth cluster in the northeast quadrant.

Four of the top five tracts in Fort Worth with the highest population density growth are in the northeast quadrant. Something is happening in this region of Fort Worth, and we received validation from the locals that there is an influx of new activity. 

Based on real estate market data, how do you know when to invest?

There is much to learn from this data. We identified these northeast tracts over a year ago, and even then, I question if locals were investing much earlier. Our goal at Deepblocks is to identify pockets of early investment opportunities. 

How to detect early investment opportunities?

I will closely examine three of these tracts over the course of this week. The first two are adjacent tracts in the northeast quadrant, 1139.46 with a $123,224 median income and 1139.48 with a $81,752 median income. Then I’ll look into the leading tract, 1110.20, with a $44,223 median income. 

Regarding early investment opportunities, tract 1110.20 might be the most interesting.

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