The Power of Buildable Area: Deepblocks’ Game-Changing Approach to Real Estate

Streamlining Site Selection with Deepblocks’ Innovative Software

Deepblocks is the only software on the market that enables users to filter properties across entire cities based on their total buildable area. Combined with the existing building area, it identifies properties with significant development capacity, streamlining site selection.

The Importance of Buildable Area in Property Evaluation

Buildable area, the total square footage of a parcel that can be developed considering various zoning restrictions, is critical in assessing a property’s potential. Access to buildable area information for each parcel significantly reduces the time spent on evaluation.

Demystifying Buildable Area Calculations and Zoning Parameters

Calculating buildable areas depend on the zoning parameters assigned to each site. It may be as straightforward as multiplying the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) by the lot size or as intricate as the lot coverage ratio multiplied by the lot area and the building height divided by ten. 


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