The last vacant assemblages in Fort Worth’s census tract 1139.48.

In Fort Worth’s tract 1139.48, 16 vacant parcels and potential assemblages allow for light industrial, retail, or residential. 

Fort Worth’s tract 1139.48 is the third fastest-growing population density out of 218 tracts. Since 2010, its population has doubled. The median income is $80k; however, almost every adjacent tract is in the six-figure. This tract may be a treasure trove for new home buyers. 

What public amenities does Fort Worth’s tract 1139.48 have?

Tract 1139.48 has nearly two million square feet within the Vineyards of Heritage Park, which connects an elementary school and a high school. Zoning is approximately 20% light industrial and 50% single-family residential. All existing homes were built after 2001. 

What opportunities are still available in Fort Worth’s tract 1139.48?

We’ve identified three potential assemblages, each zoned for different use. These assemblages can generate one million square feet of retail or commercial, 1.4 million square feet of residential, and 5.5 million square feet of light industrial. 

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