The Ecosystem Zoning Typology in tract 1139.31, Fort Worth, Texas.

Industrial zoning and residential development coexist in two of Fort Worth’s top investment tracts. 

Fort Worth’s distribution of zoning uses is fascinating. Tract 1139.31 is the second tract in the north-northeast quadrant, with equal parts industrial and residential zones. Moreover, both zones also allow for urban agriculture. 

Why should cities integrate industrial and agricultural zoning?

The future of food production is in the lab. I discovered TurtleTree, which can create raw milk using mammal cells. There are also lab-generated meats and insect-based food—all of which require indoor spaces. 

Why should cities integrate industrial and residential zoning?

The rise of e-commerce, lab-based foods, energy costs, and the desire to work in or near your home makes integrating residential, agriculture, and industrial together a futurist ideal. 

The proximity of these uses within Fort Worth’s tracts is impressive. Imagine now a single building that encompasses all three functionalities. 

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