The Connection between Homeownership and Crime Trends in Major Florida Cities

A Closer Look at the Correlations between Ownership and Crime in Small and Large Cities

Our analysis of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area revealed correlations between city size, homeownership, and crime trends. Larger cities have less crime when more people own property. Inversely, small cities have less crime with decreasing ownership trends. 

How does homeownership influence crime rates in Jacksonville?

Due to the diverse range of city sizes in these five Florida cities, it is difficult to draw the same conclusions. Jacksonville, the largest city, occupying 559,653 acres, has the most positive crime trend and most negative ownership rates, consistent with our findings in Texas.

What is the impact of homeownership on the smaller cities of Miami, Orlando, and Tallahassee?

The smaller cities of Miami, Tallahassee, and Orlando follow the same pattern as the smaller cities in Texas, with negative crime trends correlating with negative ownership trends. While placing Tampa in either group is challenging, it exhibits similar behaviors as the smaller cities.

Our findings suggest that larger cities benefit more from high homeownership levels than smaller ones, but further testing is necessary.


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