The Complexity of Zoning Data and the Potential of Advanced Technology

Understanding the Importance of Complete and Accurate Zoning Information for Real Estate Development and Property Ownership

Digitization and automatic zoning calculation are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to provide accurate and consistent development insight at scale. Traditional collection and dissemination of zoning methods are often manual and prone to errors.

What is included in a comprehensive zoning dataset?

Zoning data is a critical component of development. To apply zoning regulations to individual properties accurately, the process requires comprehensive information, including zoning maps, district names, zoning values, logic, and overlays.

Why is zoning logic the most important aspect of real estate development digitization? 

Traditional methods of digitizing zoning data have limitations. They often lack the logic to apply zoning values to individual parcels, and as a consequence, they overlook overlays and parking requirements that significantly impact real estate development.


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