What caused the 2018 construction boom in Irving, Texas?

A line graph showing the drastic increase of construction in Irving, Texas in 2018.

Irving, Texas, went from building an average of five million square feet per year to 60 million square feet in 2018.

Did Irving, Texas, really finish 60,000,000 SF of construction in 2018?

When we compared construction activity within the last ten years across Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, Garland, and Arlington. Irving ranked highest in activity. This rank was surprising because Irving has a fifth of the land of Fort Worth. There was a strange spike in 2018, nearing 60 million square feet of construction. 

What happened in Irving in 2018?

The spike can mean several things. It may be a clerical error by the county, which we are looking into, or Irving completed 60 million square feet of construction that year. The Dallas Morning News wrote an article in September 2017 titled Irving’s 2017 building boom tops the $1 billion mark for new projects. With an optimistic construction cost of $200/SF, that’s only about 5 million square feet. 

Deepblocks will look into it further, but if you know, get in touch. 


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