StartUp innovation techniques from Silicon Valley. 

Is investment automation possible in real estate development?

Over the past two weeks, I’ve shared findings from an automated, data-driven investment method. The objective is to find investment opportunities instantly and at scale to increase investment funds’ efficiency and speed. Ultimately, our fund. 

Why Deepblocks spent so much time digitizing and integrating data?

We’ve spent six years in an arduous process to digitize, integrate, and activate historically disconnected real estate development data. Our data pipeline has reached a level of maturity in which we can begin to ask it questions. For example: what census tract has the highest growth trends, lowest market values, and increasing land constraint?

How to experiment with a new product as a small StartUp?

Deepblocks is a small startup, and to innovate, we had an unnamed practice until a few weeks ago. I heard the term Starving the Edge from John Hagel at the Singularity University Conference in Colombia. A powerful strategy to product-market-fit. 

What is Starving the Edge? Innovation efficiency. 

Starving the Edge is testing new product with as few resources as possible. Although blessed by the entire team, a single engineer and I execute the work. We believe some of these Edge projects have the potential to become core, but until this is validated, we invest as little as possible. 

You might see some of our team asking questions in our posts. In most cases, it is the first time they see the outcome. 

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