Reviving Dayton’s Julienne High School Site: From Controversy to Urban Development

Community Efforts to Save the Historic Building

The former Julienne High School, a historic building in Dayton, Ohio, faced controversy as community members fought to save it from demolition in 2012. They suggested repurposing the site for transitional housing, job training, or community centers. 

HōM Flats at Forest Avenue: A New Vision for Affordable Housing

Despite their efforts, the district moved forward with demolition plans. Recently, Magnus Capital Partners proposed a 260-unit affordable housing project on the site. Dubbed HōM Flats at Forest Avenue, the development targets individuals earning 60-120% of the area median income.

Dayton’s Standing in Ohio: Comparing Growth and Development

Dayton, Ohio ranks 3rd in the state, against the 10 cities with a population greater than 65k. It outperforms Akron and Youngstown but falls behind Columbus and Cincinnati. The site sits on tract 9, which ranks 34th against Dayton’s 55 census tracts. Dayton’s #1 tract is 15.01.


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