Revitalizing Syracuse: The Land Bank and Blueprint 15 Partnership

The Land Bank’s Role in Community Development.

The Land Bank in Syracuse holds around 100 properties in the South Side. These properties were foreclosed on by the city due to unpaid taxes or unsafe conditions. The challenge is to improve the community without triggering aggressive gentrification.

Blueprint 15’s Impact on Neighborhood Revitalization.

Blueprint 15, a non-profit organization, plays a crucial role in the South Side neighborhood’s revitalization efforts. Although it doesn’t own land, it requested the right of first refusal on specific properties in tract 42 from the Land Bank. The best tract in Syracuse. 

Tract Rankings and Growth Potential in Syracuse 

The Land Bank properties span three tracts: 42, 53, and 54. Comparing these tracts to all 55 tracts in Syracuse across seven growth metrics yielded surprising results. Tract 42 ranks first in Syracuse, tract 53 ranks 12th, and tract 54 ranks 53rd.

Ranked metrics: population growth, population density growth, median income growth, median rent growth, diversity growth, ownership growth, employment growth.


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