Residential opportunities in Fort Worth’s tract 1110.20.

There are 21 residential investment opportunities for rebuilding or renovating this Fort Worth neighborhood.

We are testing different formulas for identifying early investment opportunities. In other words: Where can I buy relatively cheap now and hold 5-7 years for a big return? This Fort Worth neighborhood, tract 1110.20, has an interesting narrative.

Why is Fort Worth tract 1110.20 an exciting investment thesis?

Tract 1110.20 has the fastest-growing population density in all of Fort Worth. Half of tract 1110.20, west of Crowley Rd, is new construction, while the eastern half includes hundreds of homes built in the 1980s. These now 40-year-old homes can be great investment opportunities.

How do you narrow down hundreds of investment options?

Using the Deepblocks software, we refined the results from hundreds of 40-year-old homes to 21 options based on property sizes between 10,000 and 20,000. This is where I would start renovating, rebuilding, or simply holding. 

As this neighborhood continues to trend upward, these larger properties will have greater momentum toward higher values.  

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