Assessing Rental Demand in Miami: A Close Look at High Potential Tracts

Assessing Rental Demand in Miami: A Close Look at High Potential Tracts

In our analysis, we juxtapose the current rental units in the top ten tracts with the highest unit development potential across the City of Miami, factoring in both the demand for rental units and the median rent in these tracts.

Rental Units and Development Potential in Miami’s Top Ten Tracts

Our findings reveal potential demand for rental units in Tracts 26.0 and 14.02, while Tract 67.07 demonstrates a clear demand. The latter likely comprises many condo units rented out by their owners.

Quantifying Rental Demand: A Methodological Approach

To quantify the demand for rental units, we multiply the population by 1,000 square feet, then factor in the percentage of renters in each tract.

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