Philadelphia Community Fights for Affordable Housing

Dispute Over Demolition Moratorium Displaces 69 Households in Philadelphia

A Philadelphia developer sued the city over a demolition moratorium and zoning changes. The developer’s decision not to renew federal subsidies led to the displacement of 69 households. The community is fighting to help these families.

Untapped Development Potential: Balancing Affordable and Market-Rate Housing

The property has significant development potential, with the capacity for 621 homes in total. A proposal to allocate part of the land for affordable housing is awaiting court approval. Curious why the development can’t accommodate both affordable and market-rate.

Tract 88.02: A Philadelphia Neighborhood Excelling in Population Density, Diversity, Employment, and Ownership

This project sits on tract 88.02, and ranks in the top 10% in population density growth and race diversity growth against more than 400 Philly tracts. In 2021, it ranked in the top 3% in employment and ownership percentage. 

Link to the full article here.


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