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We’ve brought down our sign-up walls and are now open to the public with quite a bit of functionality. If you’d like to test real estate options for any property, now you can, at no cost. 

Try it here: https://bit.ly/deepblocks

The free demo includes: 

  1. Search for properties based on size.

  2. Model any use or mixed-use project (condo, multifamily, hotel, office, retail, industrial)

  3. Generate a PDF, download and send it to anyone you like.

The full version includes:

  1. Search for properties based on existing building areas, and the number of units allowed.

  2. See all the zoning data corresponding to a site and know what you can build instantly.

  3. Generate a custom PDF with your logo, cover image, and branding colors. 

  4. Customer support with one-year subscriptions.

We’d like to be of service by providing a way for people to analyze quickly, especially property owners that already know their numbers. It also gives commercial real estate professionals a sneak peek at what they can accomplish with our technology. 

Here are a few more educational resources:

Check out our tutorials: https://bit.ly/db_tutorials

Or sign up for our weekly webinars: https://bit.ly/db-webinars

We look forward to continuing to help close more deals faster.