Median income from 2013 to 2020 in downtown Fort Worth.

A sample of Deepblocks software showing the median income map layer ranging from 2013 to 2020 with the focus areas being census tracts in Downtown Fort Worth

Some of Fort Worth’s downtown tracts’ median income has doubled in seven years.

Fort Worth’s downtown tracts 1237.00 and 1038.00 are in the top five of economic growth. I used the Deepblocks dynamic layers to see how median income changed from 2013 to 2020. This feature helps create investment narratives around economic growth.

Tract 1038.00 in Fort Worth, Texas, doubled median income in seven years. 

The median income for Tract 1038.00 in 2013 was $15,790. In 2015, it decreased to $14,225, below Texas’ minimum wage of $15,080. From 2016, it increased yearly, reaching $32,852 in 2020—still less than one-third of the income of tracts within a five-mile radius. 

Tract 1237.00 in Fort Worth, Texas, has steadily grown in seven years. 

Tract 1237.00 was $58,348 in 2013, decreased to $55,000 in 2015, then increased yearly, reaching $76,927 by 2019. 

The 2015 drop in both tracts reflects the economic downturn and near recession in which central banks stepped in to increase the global money supply. 

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