Analyzing a Decade: New Rochelle’s Tract 59.01 through ChatDB Insights

Harnessing ChatDB: Exploring Long-Term Trends with the /graph Command.

Utilizing ChatDB’s /graph command for census tracts, I examined the ten-year trends of population growth, median income, and median rent for New Rochelle’s tract 59.01.

Population Dynamics: The Rising Demand in a Limited Space.

The population trend indicates an average increase of 250 individuals annually. Given the tract’s limited size, with just 424 properties, new construction must be in high demand.

Financial Trajectory: Tracking the Growth of Median Income and Rent over Ten Years.

Over the past decade, both median income and rent have ascended. As of 2021, they stand at $55,000/year and $1,600/month, respectively.

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