Introducing Deepblocks Developer, a lighter feasibility software. 

Deepblocks Developer combines all the functionalities needed to do a back-of-the-envelope calculation for development and acquisition. 

Excited to introduce a new product, Deepblocks Developer, a back-of-the-envelope software combining 3D modeling, financial projections, and PDF presentations. It’s equivalent to having Excel, SketchUp, and PowerPoint in an integrated workflow. All for $18/mo. 

How does Deepblocks Developer work?

Deepblocks Developer is lighter and available worldwide. You draw a parcel or assemblage over the satellite view, select the type of uses you’d like to analyze, and adjust the market assumptions while a 3D model and financial projection update in real-time. 

What can I export from Deepblocks Developer?

In a few minutes, you have a visual of the project, a sense of the cost of construction and acquisition, and your expected returns. Then you can export a PDF customized with your logo and brand colors or a CSV of all the financials, which can be plugged into a proforma spreadsheet. 

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