Hundreds of commercial development sites with buildable areas between 50,000 and 500,000 SF in Fort Worth’s tract 1237.

With the second fastest economic growth, Fort Worth’s tract has plenty of room for new development.

Downtown Fort Worth has loads of development capacity. We adjusted the Deepblocks’ search for properties with less than 3,000 square feet. For this exercise, we considered these vacant. Then we searched for the allowable buildable area, and we discovered the following:

Here are the results of our search for development capacity in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

  • 218 vacant sites allow between 50,000 SF and 100,000 SF
  • 78 vacant sites allow between 100,000 SF and 200,000 SF
  • 62 vacant sites allow between 200,000 SF and 500,000 SF

What to do when there are still too many undeveloped sites in a growing city?

One would be justified to argue that the area is still far from critical mass. However, this is the second fastest-growing economy in Fort Worth. I’d buy and hold for 5-7 years or intentionally build for the immediate demand. 

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