How to capture the direction of downtown expansion.

The juxtaposition of current and future density delivers direction for real estate growth.

We separated the top five tracts with the highest current inventory density (in blue) and the top five with future development density (in red) to depict potential growth. In purple, we are showing tracts in the top five of both. 

How to create real estate investment narratives from future density data?

Blue tracts are likely low-risk acquisition strategies in downtown areas. Their current density and potential land constraints validate this narrative. 

Purple tracts translate into low-risk development opportunities with lower land constraints and high density. 

Red tracts adjacent to blue ones might hold early investment opportunities for market rate, affordable housing, or land banking. These tracts have less current density, are therefore less noticeable, and have plenty of room for growth. 

How to predict the direction of downtown’s growth?

Fort Worth, Garland, and Arlington have red tracts adjacent to blue ones. From Deepblocks’ point of view, these adjacencies suggest the direction of growth. 

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