Fort Worth plans for larger-than-life industrial growth.

Fort Worth’s tracts with the highest development density are all zoned for Industrial development.

Zoning data is power. Not only can we identify where cities are placing their future density, but we can also see their zoning type. Fort Worth’s top three development capacity tracts are in industrial zoning districts. At Deepblocks, we find this fascinating. 

How has Fort Worth positioned its zoning map for industrial development?

The location of these exclusively industrial tracts allows them to service the entire city. The three tracts are approximately ten miles from one another. If you draw a five-mile radius around them, it covers 235.62 square miles without overlap, which is 66% of the city.

Why is industrial development important for any city?

With the rise of e-commerce and the demand for more warehouse space, industrial development is in colossal order. There isn’t enough of it. The only way to make goods accessible at the desired speed (same-day delivery) is for housing and industrial inventory to be within healthy proximity. 

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