Exploring the Floor Area Ratios of Major Cities in Florida

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Analyzing the Relationship between Development Patterns and Growth Potential

The floor area ratio (FAR) is a crucial metric that measures the amount of a building’s floor area relative to the land it occupies. A high FAR suggests vertical development, while a low FAR implies more horizontal development.

Can we compare floor area ratio at the city level?

Comprehending a city’s FAR can provide valuable insights into its development patterns and growth potential. Tallahassee distinguishes itself with the highest FAR of 2.40, indicating its vertical development outpaces the other four cities.

Despite its small land area of only 1.5 billion square feet, Miami boasts a relatively high FAR of 1.28, while Jacksonville, with an area of 24 billion square feet, has the lowest FAR of 0.53.

How to get the most accurate floor area ratio using zoning?

Note that city-level FARs do not exist. This is an index created by Deepblocks to compare cities. FAR was generated using base zoning and excluding overlays. A more accurate measure of development capacity should include overlays.


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