Decoding Zoning Data: Understanding the Three Key Offerings in the Real Estate Market

Zoning data has become increasingly important in the real estate market. However, there is lack of transparency on what constitutes a complete set of zoning data. This post aims to clarify the three types of zoning data offerings available in the market today.

Zoning District Names: The Starting Point for Zoning Analysis

The first offering includes zoning district names, which are typically included with county parcel data. These district names indicate which zone your property is in, but the challenge lies in sifting through 400 to 4,000 pages of text and tables to find the applicable rules.

Zoning Rules: Uncovering the Critical Regulations for Each District

The second offering are the zoning rules for every district name. An average-sized city may have between 80 and 150 different districts. Although not exhaustive, the following rules are critical. For instance, parking requirements can significantly impact a project’s feasibility.

Key Zoning Rules:

  • Zoning Code Name
  • Zoning Uses Allowed By Right
  • Conditional Zoning Uses
  • Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
  • Unit Density
  • Hotel Density
  • Height Limits
  • Floor Limits
  • Lot Coverage
  • Setbacks
  • Parking Requirements

Property-Level Zoning: Leveraging Expertise for Precise Insights

The third offering is zoning at the property-level, such as Buildable Area and Units Allowed. These values necessitate expertise in local zoning regulations, the ability to decipher complex language, and proficiency in automating this knowledge to each parcel at scale.

True Value of Zoning Data: Streamlining Investment Opportunities

In conclusion, not all zoning data offerings are created equal. Property-level zoning data, for example, enables instant assessments of entire markets to narrow down from millions of prospects to a shortlist of promising investment opportunities.


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