Analyzing New Rochelle’s Racial Distribution Trends with ChatDB

The power of data analysis and visualization has paved the way for deeper, more nuanced understandings of demographic changes in regions across the US. Using ChatDB, we delved into the racial distribution of New Rochelle over eight years, from 2013 to 2021.

Trends vs. Data Points

ChatDB offers multiple perspectives on demographic data. On the one hand, using the /graph function, the “race composition trend” command, we can observe the overarching trend in racial composition over time. Alternatively, the “race distribution growth” command provides a snapshot of specific data points.

Notable Changes in New Rochelle

The data illuminates distinct shifts in New Rochelle’s racial makeup during the observed period. Notably, there has been a decline in both the White and Black populations. Conversely, the Hispanic and Asian populations have shown a noticeable increase.

A Broader Perspective

While the data paints a clear picture of New Rochelle, it also ignites curiosity about neighboring areas. For instance, considering these trends, an intriguing question arises: Has the Bronx witnessed a decrease in its Asian and Hispanic populations during the same timeframe?

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