Unraveling Neighborhood Dynamics in New Rochelle: An Analysis with ChatDB

As cities evolve, it is imperative for real estate professionals, city planners, and residents to have a grasp of the changing dynamics. For New Rochelle, a comprehensive neighborhood study became a necessity, and this is where our state-of-the-art tool, ChatDB, played a pivotal role.

Harnessing Data for Neighborhood Insights

When we started this analysis, our primary objective was to identify tracts within New Rochelle that had witnessed substantial changes over the last decade. We focused on two specific metrics: population growth and median income growth from 2010 to 2021. The results were enlightening.

The top 10 tracts that experienced the most significant population boom provided us with an understanding of which neighborhoods are becoming more desirable or are perhaps seeing more housing or apartment units being added. Concurrently, identifying areas with the highest surge in median income gave a perspective on the evolving economic landscape of the neighborhoods.

Southern New Rochelle: A Hub Close to NYC?

One of the most striking revelations from this study was the concentration of growth in the southern half of the city. What makes this even more intriguing is its proximity to New York City. This observation raises some pertinent questions: Is the southern half of New Rochelle becoming a hub for those who commute to NYC? Or is there a deeper urban development narrative at play here?

Additionally, the overlap of eight tracts across both metrics—59.01, 60, 57.03, 57.02, 59.02, 63.01, 58, and another 59.01—is significant. This indicates that these regions aren’t just experiencing a population swell but are simultaneously witnessing an upward economic trajectory.

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