ChatDB: Streamlining Data Visualization in Real Estate Market Analysis

Introducing ChatDB: A Dual-Purpose Tool for Data Visualization and Internal Innovation

ChatDB serves a dual purpose. Beyond functioning as an internal disruptor, it is a practical solution to our data visualization needs. Our designers and engineers previously invested considerable time writing code and generating graphs for marketing content. ChatDB was conceived as an efficient solution to streamline this process, providing direct access to market data for non-coders.

Understanding /graph: The Visual Solution for Comparative Demographic Metrics

The /graph prompt in ChatDB is designed to represent demographic metrics over time. It provides instant visuals of market trends across many metrics, enabling users to draw comparisons between different cities or census tracts. While comparing a pair of numbers is straightforward, assessing growth sequences of twenty or thirty requires a more sophisticated approach, which the /graph function facilitates.

Utilizing Common Metrics: Bridging the Gap Between /graph and /rank

The /graph function utilizes the same metrics as the /rank feature. It presents data growth from 2010 to 2021 across multiple factors like population, population density, median income, median rent, homeownership rate, employment rate, and crime reduction.

An Illustrative Example: Comparing Population Growth in Tampa and Miami

To illustrate, we can use ChatDB to compare population growth in Tampa and Miami by inputting: /graph population growth of Tampa, Florida; Miami, Florida. The resulting output includes a visualization of the comparative growth trends and a summary of the findings. Interestingly, Tampa has seen more population growth than Miami over this period.

ChatDB in Action: Diving Deep into New York City’s Population Growth

A similar comparison between New York City and Miami showed that NYC’s population has grown by 282,614 since 2010, nearly eight times the rate of Miami’s population growth. This is the kind of valuable insight ChatDB is designed to provide, a robust dataset and tools for data analysis.

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