Ownership and crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Graphs showing the relationship of crime and household ownership in Texas.

What is the relationship between ownership and crime trend lines in small versus large cities?

One of the most interesting correlations from our Deepblocks density index report was between ownership and crime. At least in the five sampled cities of Dallas-Fort Worth MSA, the correlation between crime and ownership had to do with the size of the cities. 

How do crime and ownership affect large cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA?

Fort Worth and Dallas were the two large cities within the study. Fort Worth, with a higher trend in ownership, had decreasing crimes, while Dallas, with lower ownership trends, had increasing crime rates. 

On the other hand, smaller cities with increasing ownership percentages had growing crime trends. And smaller cities with degreasing ownership had decreasing crime trends. 

Are crime and ownership correlated? Why is it so controversial?

We must find out for sure if crime and ownership are related. We will keep it in mind as we expand the scope of this report. 

Ownership and crime are controversial because there is a big push for more housing. Because housing is a contemporary crisis, most people don’t think it matters what kind of housing it is. However, if this correlation is nations, it may help us better decide what should go where. 

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