Arlington, Texas, has three times the development capacity of Garland and Irving.

Fort Worth has twice the development capacity of Dallas. 

Calculating the total development capacity of an entire city requires an arduous digitization process. Municipalities may not know how much capacity they have.

Deepblocks now offers these services across cities. 

Why is it essential to digitize zoning data at the MSA level?  

From the public sector’s perspective, there are federal incentives for increasing density in metropolitan areas for affordable housing or housing in general. However, these incentives are in place with little understanding of how much density is already possible.

As you can see in this bar graph, none of the five cities are close to fulfilling one-fourth of their capacity. 

How to use development capacity for real estate investment? 

We can visualize a city’s appetite for development to help the private sector. Fort Worth has almost twice the capacity of Dallas. From the smaller cities, Arlington has nearly three times the capacity of Irving and Garland. 

We’ve implemented this method at the census tract level to detect land constraints automatically. Stay tuned for more. 

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