Deepblocks: A Powerful Tool for Analyzing Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Delving Deeper into Listing ID: A11353589

With a listing selected, Deepblocks provides images, descriptions, and zoning data to help you decide whether to operate or build from scratch. In this case, the existing property includes three buildings, 13 units, and a combined structure size of 4,494 square feet, constructed in 1937.

Assessing Development Possibilities with Deepblocks

Db’s capabilities include automated calculations of potential development in square footage and allowable units. Here, you can build up to 19 units, totaling 53,200 square feet. Factoring in a 20% loss, maximizing buildable area would result in 2,240 SF units.

Making Informed Decisions with AI-Powered Real Estate Software

Depending on the target market, 2,240 SF units might not be ideal. It may be that 600 SF studios are better suited for this market. In such cases, you must consider if there’s a viable use for the remaining 40,000 SF or if reducing construction costs is the best strategy. 

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