Deepblocks is revolutionizing real estate development.

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Florida and ‘the Miami Miracle’: ‘Keep taxes low, keep people safe, lean into innovation’
Lawrence Jones, ‘Fox & Friends’ enterprise reporter and host of ‘Lawrence Jones Cross Country’ goes to Miami, where business is booming post-pandemic to interview their mayor Francis Suarez and other power players on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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Is there AI innovation in Miami’s tech scene? Here’s everything you need to know

Is there AI innovation in Miami’s tech scene? Here’s everything you need to know

Artificial intelligence may not initially come to mind when you think of #MiamiTech, with verticals such as web3 and fintech playing such a prominent role …

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Rise of the machines: How AI is a game changer for developers

Rise of the machines: How AI is a game changer for developers

Startups are introducing tech in ways that could revolutionize real estate ChatGPT has emerged as the poster child for AI 2.0 — the next generation …

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22 AI Real Estate Companies to Know

Buying a house in a competitive market is a mentally taxing venture that reportedly involves fourteen distinct emotional stages. That means real-estate agents have to show empathy and …

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Deepblocks is using AI to make site selection more efficient and effective

By Riley Kaminer Miami startup Deepblocks provides high-precision digital tools that enable real estate developers and investors to pick the best site for their projects. The startup …

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UL Interview: A Deep Dive on Deepblocks, Bringing Demographic Data to Pro Forma Modeling

In search of the best tools on the market to optimize pro forma modeling and feasibility studies, Tim Moore, a manager at ULI Boston/New England …

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Meet the top 30 Miami Founders of 2022

Miami Girls Foundation and Design District Miami present 2022 Miami Founders Award to recognize top 30 companies and women-founders behind them. To celebrate the legacy …

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Six exciting South Florida and Miami companies to watch out for in 2022

The potential of AI seems to be limitless and Deepblocks offers a tool that harnesses some of that power. Their technology allows real estate developers to pinpoint parcels of real property and plan their projects accordingly.

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Deepblocks, which is designed to optimize returns for real estate investors, has secured at least $2.3 million from investors including CRCM Ventures and Singularity University Ventures.

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These are the women in Miami tech you need to know

Ramos is the founder and CEO of Deepblocks, a property technology venture that uses artificial intelligence to help real estate developers identify parcels for their projects.

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New Ideas to Solve America’s Housing Affordability Crisis

Deepblocks – Miami, Florida: Deepblocks is utilizing technology to reshape development an entitlement decisions through a real-time analysis of financial and market data, in combination with local building regulations.

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Smart Machines: AI technology’s impact on Florida’s business sectors.

“Zoning data, the rules of the city, are usually 400- page PDFs and are really expensive to go through and understand,” says Ramos, who has a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University and a master’s in real estate development from the University of Miami.

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30 Catalizadoras Globales que te inspirarán este 2021

HER GLOBAL IMPACT conversó con cada una de ellas y les consultó respecto a su propósito y sueños. Te invitamos a conocerlas y conectarte con sus historias.

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Deepblocks was founded at Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program in 2016 with a mission to build an artificial intelligence system that automates real estate development to maximize safety, sustainability, and affordability across every city worldwide. GSP16 generated thirty-two companies, twelve of which graduated to the SU Incubator. Out of the twelve, Deepblocks was the only company invited to participate in the SU Accelerator and become a Singularity portfolio company.   Our founder, Olivia Ramos, with a background in architecture, real estate development, construction, and Big Data software design, was uniquely qualified to lead a team of engineers and data scientists and build software with the potential to transform the real estate industry.   Today, the Deepblocks team includes real estate development, data science, engineering, and machine learning expertise, with a vision to reinvent the relationship between cities and nature to create an abundant future.
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Deepblocks is a diverse team driven by the desire to shape the future of our cities. We are excited to be working at the forefront of technology and for the opportunity to make a significant difference in the built environment. We hire builders, learners, and problem solvers who value clear communication, challenging work, and humility. Working for Deepblocks is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Although we work hard to solve complex problems, we prioritize fun and health.

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