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A Bit of History

Deep Blocks was born at Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program, which brings people from diverse backgrounds together to learn how emerging technologies can be harnessed to redefine the world and solve some of our biggest challenges. Our team chose to tackle the Global Grand Challenge of Shelter. We developed a vision of employing artificial intelligence to solve the enormous complexities surrounding building projects, and providing tools that can be used to plan and build the cities of the future. Our founders drew from extensive backgrounds in artificial intelligence, real estate development, finance, and architecture.

Deep Blocks was the only team in the history of SU to be accepted into all three of its startup programs in the same year (GSP, Incubator, and Accelerator). SU invested in the company, and some of SU's own investors soon followed suit.

Deep Blocks' technology combines proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to optimize the process of real estate development from a financial perspective. Our software performs a complete real-time analysis of financial and market data, in combination with local building regulations, to generate a set of optimal strategies for any real estate development project. As we compile a rich real estate database from cities around the world, the use of machine learning will provide unprecedented insights that will enable cities and developers to optimize decisions about where to build, what to build, and when to build.

Our Vision

The Real Estate industry is in flux. There are many technologies presenting novel solutions for optimizing existing datasets and shining light on information that historically could only be guessed at. This is exciting. However, the industry is highly cyclical, and remains reliant on external forces like financing and, in many cases, foreign investment. These forces tend to incentivize a myopic view of bottom lines, and often result in unnecessary products that end up backfiring because there was no market to begin with. This dynamic is exacerbating the epidemic lack of affordability in every major city, and leaving our coastal cities hamstrung as they face the threat of climate change. The current guessing methods of analyzing real estate development mean it is simply too risky to tackle these crises comprehensively.

At Deep Blocks, we believe real estate development should be driven by the internal demands of the city and its aspirations to build a thriving and equitable environment for its residents. We believe cities have a lot to offer to one another, and we are building an infrastructure of real estate information exchange in order to accelerate the adoption of real solutions.


Our Team


Olivia Ramos
Founder | CEO

Olivia is a graduate of Singularity University, a participant in the DARPA Innovation House, and holds two Master’s degrees - one in Architecture from Columbia University and another in Real Estate Development from the University of Miami.


Rob Siebken
Chief Financial Officer

Rob cut his teeth at the Bank of New York and has 15+ years of commercial real estate experience. He holds a Bachelor’s in Science from Cornell and Master’s in Real Estate Development from the University of Miami.


Sandy Gutierrez
Chief Technology Officer

Sandy is an expert technology architect and natural leader. Along with his experience in AI and machine learning, he holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Havana.


Liduam Pong
Chief Design Officer

As design lead, Liduam translates all functionality into a comprehensive, intuitive, and simple interface, and is in charge of Deep Blocks branding and image. She holds a Master’s in Architecture from Pratt University.


Nick McCrea
Lead Software Engineer

An expert in software design and implementation, Nick ensures that our software is built with rock-solid foundations. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.


Jesus Cabrera
Software Engineer

Our resident mathematician and expert algorithm designer, Jesus holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from University of Havana, and a second Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Florida International University.


David Gutierrez
Software Engineer

David is a machine learning expert and gifted engineer, holding a Master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Florida State University.


Jeff Millett
Product Architect

Jeff comes to us from SMS Lodging, where he was Development Project Manager. He holds a Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Florida.


Natalia Gutierrez
Data Architect

With a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management from The New School, and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from FIU, Natalia brings extensive experience in construction and policy.


Kevin Leyva
Sales Associate

With previous work on Tesla and Nike sales management teams, Kevin is building our sales capabilities, from tooling to Social Media campaigns. He will earn his Bachelor’s of Business Administration at FIU in Spring 2019.


Our Advisors


Neil Jacobstein
Chair of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Singularity University


Joanna Wei
Founding Partner
New Frontier Investments


Bernard Leong
Head of Airbus Aerial Asia


Our Investors

New Frontier.png

Ellie Bernstein | Stephen Gans | Avra Jain | Arden Karson | Xiaowei Li | Michael Simkins | Yi Ming Woo | Ni Yan           






Deep Blocks is a diverse team of extremely talented professionals, all driven by the desire to be a part of shaping the cities of the future. We are excited to be working on the forefront of technology, and to have the opportunity to make a major difference in the built environment around us.

We hire builders, learners, and problem solvers who value clear communication and the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Although we work hard to solve difficult problems, we maintain a fun and exciting environment, and value the health of our team members above all else.

At Deep Blocks, we cherish the opportunity to be surrounded by smart and passionate people every day. Interested in being a part of the team? Send us a message using the form below!


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